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Hi! This isn't so much an ask as it is a general comment. I love your writing. I honestly cannot stop reading The Blind Side of Love. It is just really, really good! As a gay woman myself, I love the idea of representation in any form of media, but especially literature. So thank you so much for writing. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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Thank you so much for your message, and for reading TBSOL! :)

Tom Hanks’ Hanx Writer


Tom Hanks’ Hanx Writer


In the typewriter community, its fairly well-known fact that Tom Hanks is a collector. To extend his appreciation for typewriters to a wider audience, he put his name behind an iPad called HanxWriter. The app itself is free and gives you one typewriter and a clean sheet of paper. In-app purchases give access to other typewriters.

It looks like a nice little notetaker app or a place to start that…

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